It’s been three years since I cloned and brewed a small batch (2.5 gal) of  Kona’s Lemon Grass Luau. Well, 4th of July is coming up and we are expecting many guests, so I decided to scale up the recipe and brew it again.


The malts, hops, and sugar I just scaled up to a 6 gallon batch in Beersmith:

The amount ginger however, I did not dare to simply more than double. Ginger can easily overwhelm a beer, so I decided on 1.5 oz for 15 min at the end of the boil.


The Arrowhead Mountain Spring water, again, was diluted with 20% of distilled water.


I don’t trust my local brewstore with their yeast anymore. Sometimes their yeast is very old, sometimes their young yeast does not take off. I wanted to use American Ale yeast like last time, but I could not find a package that I could trust. So I settled for WLP002 English Ale yeast. It will be beer.


The titular lemongrass will be added, as soon as primary fermentation is over. I will double the lemongrass from three to six stalks.


Mashing and Boiling

  • Cutting ginger

    I mixed the grains with 4 gal of 157F water and held the temperature at 151F for 60 minutes.

  • I sparged with 170F water and collected 7 gal.
  • When it came to boiling the wort, I added the sugar at the beginning this time.
  • The 0.75 oz of Willamette went in as soon as the wort started boiling, followed by the first addition of Northern Brewer after 30 minutes.
  • 15 minutes before the end, I cubed the ginger (small cubes) and added it via hop sock, together with yeast nutrients.
  • The final Northern Brewer hop addition was added at flame out.

Cooling, Settling, Oxygenation, Pitching

  • Aerating the wort

    The wort cooled in an icebath down to 68F.

  • I splashed it into a settling tank keeping most of the hot/cold break in the pot.
  • After settling for 30 minutes, to oxygenate the wort, I dribbled it into my fermenter, that was already sitting in its Brewjacket Fermenting Sleeve.
  • After that, all that was left was pitching the WLP002 English Ale yeast, attach the head unit and dial in the temperature.
  • I will ferment this wort at 67F.

Update Brewday +1

Within 24 hrs the WLP002 has taken off very nicely. A thick layer of kraeusen is crowning my developing Lemongrass Luau. My brewjacket is doing its thing very nicely as well, after I had repaired the unit.


Update Brewday +7

Kraeusen has died down, primary fermentation is definitely over. I raise the temperature of the beer to 70F, and now it is time to add the lemongrass. I bought six stalks at the supermarket, and they seem to be a bit wilted. The taste is ok though.

I peel off the outer leaves, until I reach the fresh core. Then I cut the six stalks into fingerlong pieces and dived them in two, since I will pack them into two disposable hop socks.

Next comes the cleaning. I wash them in a mild vinegar solution and soak them for 30 seconds in a weak SanStar solution. And then they take a swim in the beer, where they will remain for roughly two weeks.